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Covid – 19 Update


By now all will be aware that we are entering unprecedented times. This has significant implications for my patients.

I have taken the decision to temporarily suspend my practice, as of today, 23 March 2020, until the emergency has passed. No one can tell how long that will be. Rest assured, it will re open.

This may not come as a surprise but there are many reasons for temporarily halting:

  • With the increasing demand on anaesthetists to support those patients who need specialist care, I feel it is immoral to ask them to anaesthetise my patients.

  • Having an anaesthetic confers an immune burden on even the healthiest. This would make patients more susceptible to the viral illness.

  • Continuing my practice would put those medical staff who support me, (nurses in outpatients, the ward and theatres), at risk of contamination.

  • My secretaries, Leanne and Jess, would be put at risk.

  • I may need to be deployed in other services.

  • The Nuffield and Duchy hospitals will soon be diverting their resources to aid the NHS

  • Postoperative follow up would not be possible.

  • All NHS routine operations are being postponed.


As I write this notice, Leanne and Jess are working away, characteristically hard, to contact each patient booked for surgery or follow up to inform them personally. 


They are understandably stressed: it is an unenviable task to cancel patients’ procedures and clinic appointments, Please bear with them.


The situation is changing hour by hour. The emergency will pass eventually and we will recommence as and when it is safe to do so. We will re contact each and every patient to rebook.

In the meantime please follow the Government's advice; observe social distancing and regular hand washing.


Urgent Issues

Should you have an urgent postoperative issue, with a wound for example, please contact me through this website. It may be possible to arrange either telephone or skype assessment. Please confine this to urgent matters though.

If the issue is life threatening please Phone 111 or 999 as appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding.


Robert Morris

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