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Male Chest Surgery

Gynaecomastia Correction


Obvious breast tissue in a male, (gynaecomastia) can be extremely distressing.  It is quite common and can be treated surgically once avoidable causes have been addressed. It can occur on one sided, (unilateral), or on both sides, (bilateral). Gynaecomastia can be caused by medicines such as those used to treat prostate problems or body building steroids. Many cases have unknown causes. 



The type of  surgery depends on the degree of gynaecomastia and the ratio between glandular breast tissue and fat.  Mild, fatty predominant gynaecomastia can sometimes be treated with liposuction alone.  More pronounced gynaecomastia may require a formal  surgical technique using various scars depending on the extent of the excess tissue.


General, usually overnight stay

Back to work

Within two weeks depending on type of work


 Liposuction only; multiple small incisions, (example shown).

 Open technique: various; around the nipple with or without crescentic lower chest scar.


Usually retained but can diminish


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