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Fractionated YAG Laser Resurfacing

Often seen as a less invasive method of facial rejuvenation, lasers resurfacing works by denaturing aged collagen in the deep layers of the skin. Our bodies replenish it with more juvenile collagen, which subtly tightens the skin giving a plumper more youthful appearance

Modern lasers used in our Plastic Surgery Clinic achieve this by fractionating the main laser source into multiple fine separated beams. This spares the intervening skin leaving it intact. Whereas the traditional lasers remove 100% of the skin surface, fractional ones remove 5% on each pass.


Consequently down time is much reduced and more expansive areas such as the décolleté, become treatable. Since less energy is transferred, repeated treatments are beneficial. Treatments are performed as an outpatient at least six weeks apart.

In ablative mode, the Dermablate YAG laser is suitable for removing

benign skin lesions such as:

Cellular naevi

Solar lentigos

Seborrhoeic Keratoses, (Senile Warts).

Viral warts also respond well.

The lesions are vaporised and so there is no sample for histology. If in doubt, therefore, a biopsy is taken before laser ablation.


Treatment is quick but may need to be repeated.

It is performed at an outpatient visit and no anaesthetic is required.


The resulting wounds remain wet for a few days and heals over in a few days. The scar is red initially but then fades

Full Beam YAG Laser Ablation


Diode Laser for Vascular Lesions & Scar Management​

The diode laser is tuned to resonate with haemoglobin.  It is able to block small diameter blood vessels such as those found in thread veins or in telangiectasia, especially those around the nose.

It is also treated Campbell de Morgan spots, (red dome shaped vascular lesions) successfully.

With a more dispersed beam it is used to treat areas of rosacea on cheeks and the nose


Red hypertrophic  scars can be treated and their resolution sped up.  A laser will not reduce the width of the scar but can improve its appearance dramatically

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