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I thoroughly enjoy my career as a Plastic Surgeon. The training was lengthy, hard and appropriately competitive. The rewards of the dramatic surgery I performed whilst in the NHS were amazing and, on leaving in 2014, I was concerned that I may not continue to feel that fulfilment.

Time has proved me wrong, thankfully. 

The satisfaction I feel in having helped someone alter a part of their outward appearance is emphasised by their kind words. This type of surgery is often very difficult and, on a few occasions, doesn't always go according to plan. Thankfully it usually does.

What patients say.....

"You have done an amazing job, I wasn't expecting it to be that good"

 "You have improved my life immeasurably"

"Laser patient; It healed so quickly. It is only the first treatment but i can already see the difference."

"You have given me another life

You have no idea how you have improved my life

Now I can take my daughter swimming"

"I am so pleased with the result of my surgery and would like you to know that I appreciate your skill in getting it just right with no fuss at all!


Thank you very much for improving my confidence"

"The best thing I've ever done.

Life changing and confidence boosting.

I am now able to take a deep breath!"

"Thank you the benefit has been amazing; lack of back ache from day one, it has changed my life immeasurably"

"I'm so pleased you were recommended to me, I'm delighted"

"Since having my breast reduction I haven't had a single migraine. I used to have them every day and have, in the past, had botox and nerve block injections!"

"It has changed me- my confidence has improved  so much in just four weeks. I'm going away in August and will wear a bikini for the first time."

"i am so impressed with your work. you have changed my life"

 "I absolutely love them and would never go back to how I was, thank you"

"Best thing I have ever done. I am over the moon. Thank you so much"

Now I can run.

I feel like the old me.

It was lucky meeting

No one knew how I felt about myself

I can't believe how normal I look.

"I am thrilled to bits; you have made me feel physically so different"

"I couldn't have asked for more, thank you so much"

"Its the best thing I have ever done; I wish I had done it years ago. I am absolutely delighted" (Breast Reduction)

I now get excited about looking in the mirror each day (Tummy tuck)

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